Divine Devotion- Forgiven

A new creation! One of the greatest blessings of this company is the conversations that I am able to have with people from all over the world. Hearing their stories and being able to provide encouragement to them is such a blessing. A lot of people I talk to have a hard time growing in their relationship with the Lord as they feel they are forever weighed down by their past. They believe that they have done so much wrong throughout their life that it is almost impossible for them to grow in their relationship with the Lord. This couldn’t be more wrong. Jesus died for each and every one of us at our worst. He saw the most terrible things about us and still loved us enough to take our punishment. As stated in Romans 6:23, “ For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” If each of our lives were to fairly be measured then we have fallen short and do not deserve this amazing gift. As stated, the wages of our sinful nature is death. However, because of Jesus we now have the gift of an eternal life and an eternal hope. When Jesus hung on the cross, all of our wages for our sins were paid off. We are no longer bound by sin and through him we have forgiveness and the gift of everlasting life. This gift is completely free to all who believe. For those of you that feel you have lived so wrong that you can never be forgiven, this is not the case. As mentioned, Jesus has seen you at your absolute worst and still loved you enough to die for you. Choose to live for him. Put your complete faith and trust in him and know that he died so that you may truly have life and have it abundantly. Through him you have an everlasting salvation and the opportunity to do so many amazing things life. Choose to use this gift wisely and look to honor and glorify him in all you do! Praying that God will bless each and every one of you with direction and will allow to realize that you are so much more than any mistakes you have made in life. Jesus loves each of you so much and has awesome things in store for everyone of you 🙌🏼