One of the most important things we have in life is time. We aren’t promised a certain or specific amount of time so it’s very important that we use it wisely and make it count. Every day is a gift from God and a blessing that should be used to bring him honor and glory. Choose to use the moments that you’ve been blessed with to grow in wisdom and pursue all the amazing things that God has in store for your life. As mentioned, God has given each of each of us certain abilities and gifts that can be used to bless others and bring them into a relationship with Jesus. However, if you are choosing to use your time on things that are meaningless then you will never truly be able to live out the amazing and beautiful divine plan that God has created for your life. We never know how much time we will be given in life. For some of us it may be years while others may just have weeks or even days. This is why it is so very important that we choose to use this extremely valuable gift of time on things that truly matter. Things that are not of this world and that will ultimately lead to an eternal salvation. One day we all are going to have to face God and give an account for what we did with everything he has blessed us with in our life. In this moment will you be able to tell him that you used everything for his glory? Will you be able to explain that you used the time he so generously blessed you with to pursue everything amazing he planned and created you for? I encourage each and every one of you reading this to really consider just how valuable every day is and how it should be used accordingly. Everything we have is a complete gift from God and because of the price that Jesus paid on the cross we now have the wonderful gift of an eternal salvation. We should look to honor this blessing that we are undeserving of by dedicating our life and everything we have to the advancement of his kingdom. It starts with the daily choice to live for the Lord and use the the time we are given wisely 🙌🏼