“TETELESTAI” Embroidered Hat
“TETELESTAI” Embroidered Hat

“TETELESTAI” Embroidered Hat

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In Jesus’ final moment, “Tetelestai” was what he said before He bowed His head and gave up His spirit. What is the significance of this you ask? Well, I’d have to say everything. With this statement, our sin debt was cancelled. Paid in full! As this statement came out of His dying body, His work on this earth was completed— finished. He came and served faithfully for 33 years. Not once did Sin. He was the spotless lamb and the perfect sacrifice. Carrying the weight of our sins and transgressions on His back, He nailed it to the cross. His pain brought us peace. His hurt gave us hope. His sufferings brought us serenity. He took everything wrong that you’ve ever done and will ever do to the grave with Him and buried it. As He rose, your soul did as well...

The moment that “Tetelestai” was uttered, the world was never the same. 

.: 100% Cotton twill
.: 6 panel structure
.: Adjustable Velcro® closure