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Releasing Summer 2022

Been keeping this news between myself and family members for a little over a year now, but I'm extremely excited to say that by the grace of God, my first book, DIVINEPLAN, will be released this summer! This book has been written for the Truth. Over the last two years, God has been opening my eyes to the Truth. This renewal process, along with many other things, inspired this book. Through it, I pray that we are all inspired to live for the Truth, for it is only through the Truth that will ever truly have freedom. Freedom from emptiness. Freedom from searching. Freedom from the lie that life is about this world and this world alone. And most importantly,...

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Angel Tree

It is with great joy that we announce we once again will be donating a portion of each and all sales from not only our upcoming Fall/Winter 2021 collection, but all items in general, to Prison Fellowship and their Angel Tree Foundation. Starting tomorrow night with the the release of our “Peace” Collection and lasting until Giving Tuesday which is November 30th, 2021, your support will help Angel Tree in their mission to give hundreds of thousands of children a gift, the Gospel message, and a personal message of love on behalf of their incarcerated parent. Last year, you guys helped us partner with this organization to raise an incredible amount on Giving Tuesday! We would love to have your...

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Hello, my name is Christian Villers, and I am the owner of DIVINEPLAN. I hope this message reaches you safe and well. I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce both myself and the company to you and provide you with a little background information on DIVINEPLAN and the message behind it. I started DIVINEPLAN for two reasons. First, I felt God calling me to utilize the creative abilities that He has given me for His glory. Next, I wanted to provide people with clothing that looks and feels good and, more importantly, helps to share the message of the Gospel. I believe that God has created an amazing plan for every single person in life. For each of...

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