Hello, my name is Christian Villers and I am the owner and creator of DIVINEPLAN. I hope this message reaches you safe and well. I just wanted to introduce myself and my company to you as I have just launched my first collection for the company. I started DIVINEPLAN for two main reasons. First, I felt God calling me to use everything he has blessed me with for his glory and kingdom while encouraging others to do the same. Next, I wanted to provide believers all across the world with clothing that looks good and most importantly has a true message and shares the gospel. I pray that through my company people from all across the world will be given a chance to see the love and power of Jesus through something as simple as a T-shirt. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Matthew 5:14-16 which explains how as his children we are the light of the world. How through us others should be able to see just how amazing our Heavenly Father is. And how every day we should live to be the reason that somebody else chooses to believe in the goodness of God.

With my company, the goal isn’t to sell a certain amount of items or make a certain amount of money. My goal is that through this company people all across the world can be given a glimpse into how wonderful our God is. I challenge all who read this to do the same. Whether it be through sports, school, work, etc, be the light wherever you are and through you let the beauty and glory of God be seen.